On Wednesday morning we head to Caressant Care Nursing Home in Bourget for Karaoke.   Here are the songs so that you can listen to them at home too.  The lyrics are with your permission slip.

We will practice with the karaoke videos on Tuesday also.  If necessary, we may upload the karaoke videos for you too.

Song List
Doris Day,  Que Sera Sera
Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire
Beatles, Let it Be (up to the instrumental)
Happy (we will play the original video and just sing along to it)
Le Pere D’Abraham – a call and response song (I can start the lead — you answer back, until you know it!  Super easy!)\
Thanks.  We’ll practice Tuesday — it will be fun… que sera sera!  Ms. McHale

le pere dabraham

Let It Be – The Beatles

Doris Day – Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire

May 8 songs to practice:

Song for all choirs to practice for May 8:

“You Are the Voice”


You Are the Voice