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Principal's Message



At Pope John Paul II Catholic School, we are witnesses to the new CDSBEO theme, “I Belong Here:  Together we are God’s Good News”.  Our theme is a simple recognition that we all belong to God, and it highlights how vitally important it is for all of us to feel that we belong.  Each of us, without exception, is God’s Good News.  This sense of belonging is confirmed in how we reach out to others, how others reach out to us, with kind interactions, showing interest, speaking positive words of encouragement, and taking time to hear the voice of others, respect the opinions of others.  This sharing of empathy, tolerance, and kindness is critical, now more than ever.

Students demonstrate how they use opportunities presented to them to develop their talents and gifts.  Perseverance and consistent effort create a growth mindset to help make learning happen.  Making mistakes is a part of learning, and an active learner looks for ways to overcome setbacks, which leads to increased resilience, overall student wellness, mental health, and academic success.  We believe in an inclusive culture of compassionate care where we meet the varied needs of all our students.

At Pope John Paul II, we work in partnership with students, parents/guardians, our parish, and community agencies to ensure that our school is a welcoming, inclusive, friendly, faith filled and safe place.   


We invite and encourage you to contact us for any inquiries.


Your Partner in Catholic Education,


Julia Jesmer, Principal