Method of Learning Survey

CDSBEO elementary families (Kindergarten to Grade 8) were sent an email today regarding a survey to request changes to their child’s method of learning for the next elementary reporting period effective February 8 through to June 25, 2021. Parents who wish to change their child’s method of learning (i.e.; to move from face-to-face instruction to the CDSBEO Virtual Learning Elementary School, or move from the CDSBEO Virtual Learning Elementary School to face-to-face instruction) effective February 8, must complete the survey before Friday, January 15 at noon (survey link provided in the email). No changes or late responses will be accepted after this deadline.
**The survey should only be completed if you are wanting to change your child’s method of learning (i.e. move from face-to-face learning into virtual elementary school OR move from virtual elementary school into face-to-face learning).
**If no change is required to your child’s method of learning, parents/guardians should NOT be completing the survey. Your child will continue on with their current mode of learning.
**If you are wanting to make changes to your child / chlldren's mode of learning, you must complete the survey by clicking on the link below.
Survey Link: